About Us

We, Lachlan and Graham, have now combined through GL Solar to fully realise our ambitions and share our solar passion with you. Combining our extensive knowledge in the Solar Power industry and Electrical contracting, our aim is to offer a personalised service that will help guide you confidently through the process of purchasing a Solar Power System. We will help you choose a system to suit your needs that can not only meet your current energy demands but that can also meet any future energy requirements you feel you may have. We are also very conscious of the weighing pressures on today's families in terms of living expenses and balancing a budget, and for this reason we have selected a great range of products that will not only be high performers for you, but will also come in on budget.
You can expect that the range of quality products, in which we have taken a great amount of time and care in sourcing, will have a well established base within Australia to back up their guarantees. We take a great amount of pride in the products we will deliver to you and we confidently stand behind everything that we sell and install. If a product issue does arise, rest assure it will be dealt with in a swift and professional manner. We realise that down time is as no good for you as it is for us and so you can feel secure knowing that after sales service will not be forgotten. We want you to be happy with the products and service that we offer and realise that you, the valued customer, are our best form of advertising. We want you to be confident in telling all of your friends and family how good we really are.

We are a 1 stop shop in that we are the people that will come out to your house for a free no obligation site assessment and we will also be the same people that will put in a 100% effort to give you a quality installation, because we know that money doesn't simply appear on trees and that you've worked hard for it, not to mention understanding the pride you take in the upkeep of your home.
We may sound a little old fashion but rest assured we like to think of ourselves as new age Tradies, with just a little old fashioned straight forward appeal, as well as being exceptionally well mannered. So feel free to give us a free call and find out for yourself what we are all about.


Lachlan Hick
Company Director

Lachlan is an accomplished Electrician with experience in multiple electrical fields. He founded Natimuk Electrical services PTY LTD in September 2006.

Dealing in sales and installations in residential electrical work, Air-conditioning, Data Cabling (Austel Licence), Irata certified for working from ropes on major construction projects as well as Off Shore Oil Rigs and now also Specializing in Solar Power Systems.

Lachlan still clearly remembers his fist Solar experience back in high school as his teacher at the time was also part of a larger scale Solar project which in turn gave them a great subject to study throughout the design and installation phases of the project.

Lachlan said "that was all so long ago and the Solar Industry has taken a long time to get to the point where it's at today, mainly in terms of product availability and especially pricing, now being at an all time low with driving factors such as a high AUD, stiff competition in the market place and a high level consumer confidence and generous government rebates. All makes for a great mix".


Graham Trafford
General Manager/Sales and Marketing

Graham is a Plumber by trade. He started out gaining experience across many of the varied Plumbing fields, contracting to lots of different Plumbing and Air-conditioning companies. Graham later went on to open his own business (Air Tec West) specializing in sales and installations of Air-conditioning and Solar Hot Water systems.

Over the years, whilst working within the solar industry, he saw an ever increasing need for families to be able to reduce their energy bills and how beneficial it was for families to invest their hard earned savings back into their own homes by switching to Solar products. Graham is motivated by seeing how solar now provides a great return on investment and opens up the possibility for the home owner to either substantially reduce or totally wipe out their power bill and stop trickle feeding the ever increasing hunger from our major Electricity Retailers.

Graham eventually switched to the Solar Industry full time, where he gained rapid experience through a high level of exposure working in sales and installations, for what was one of the largest solar companies in Australia at the time of his employment.


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