Residential  - 5.3kW Solar System - Deluxe

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Price: $6,931.00


  • x20 240 Q-Cell Solar Panels
  • Q-Cells are German Engineered & manufactured in Germany for Australia
  • They are Multi award winning modules Scoring best results in Alice Springs test center
  • Photon Test Lab in Germany: Jan 2013 best overall performer  
  • Panels have a 10 year manufactures warranty
  • 25 year linear Cell Performance warranty not to degrade more than 3% after the 1st year and no more than 0.6%for every year after that, still performing at 83% after 25 years.
  • They are excellent Low Light and hot climate performers made to suit Australian conditions
  • The World first anti pid Resistant: No Power Loss caused by potential-induced degradation 
  • Forgery Proof individual cell barcoding
  • Hot Spot protected-Increased fire & performance safety
  • +5 Positive sorting for Extra output
  • VDE Quality Tested with continuous aging tests: Long term security
  • See Web Brochure pdf below in Downloads


The all new series Fronius Primo

Fronius the name speaks for itself: A Pioneering Manufacturer of inverters. Austrian company who all other inverter manufacturers aspire to be like if you must have the best then look no further. 

Fronius Primo.jpg

 Other Inverter options available

 We also sell SMA

Aurora and Delta if you would like to reduce the cost of this package


Roof Mounting Systems

 Clenergy LOGO.png

SOLAR ROOF MOUNTING RAIL Clenergy provides a 10-year product warranty for your peace of mind.

Clenergy Rail Pic.png

The Clenergy PV-ezRack® SolarRoof™  is designed for residential and commercial applications. This system allows installation on tile and tin roofs, as well as pitched and flat roofs. It withstands wind speeds up to 88 meters per second through its robust design and high-quality materials. Corrosion resistance is achieved through anodised structural grade aluminum and stainless steel components. The unique and innovative Z-module technology enables surprisingly quick and easy installation. 

 The fully compliant clip-on clamps eliminate the need for roof penetration on concealed type roofs, and the adjustable tilt legs provide flexibility in application. As part of the PV-ezRack® range, SolarRoof™ comes with a 10-year product warranty.

Clenergy Product Video-Pitch RoofClenergy Product Video-Flat Roof


System Monitoring Standard

Fronius Is WiFi Ready

Download the App and connect

Speed Wire also possible

see pdfs below or Fronius web page for more details



  • 7 Year warranty on workmanship
  • Installations up to 10 kW are normally completed within a day
  • We are licensed Electrical Contractors 
  • Our registered Company is  over 10 Years old 
  • We are CEC Accredited in Solar System Design & Installation
  • We are accredited for Solar Grid connected & Off Grid Installations

Average daily output in major cities

City ______________kWh*
Adelaide 22.68
Brisbane 22.68
Carins 22.68
Canberra 23.22
Hobart 18.9
Melbourne 19.44
Perth 23.76
Sydney 21.06


System PDF +  Popup Info
aa panel Data.pngAA Inverter Data.png
AA Monitoring.pngAA Feed in Tariffs.png
AA How it works.pngAA How to use power.png


The below table is an indication of what you would expect to achieve by installing a solar system with Queensland’s new power buy back scheme for a % of power not purchased from the Grid & for a % of power sold to the grid (Sell-1/3 Use-2/3, as in 1.5kW system in yellow highlighted box)                      

 DELUXE PACKAGES (Quick Comparison Table)

System Size & Cost- (Roof AreaM²) 
*Output-kWhr/Day & kWh/Year
3.18 kW/$4,259 (19.2M²)
13.3kWhr/Day & 4,874/kWh/Year
ROI 6.4 Years
4.24 kW/$5,177 (30.0M²)
17.8kWhr/Day & 6,499kWh/Year
ROI 5.9 Years
5.3 kW/$5,607 (36.5M²)
22.2kWhr/Day & 8,124kWh/Year
ROI 5 Years
6.3kW/$6,198 (44.M²) sell-2/3 Use1/3
26.4kWh/Day & 9,657kWh/Year
ROI 4.7 Years

Note: If you can use a larger % of power produced your payback will be faster than shown in above table

*Table Notes in pop up here

Yearly Savings by System Size. 

1.5kW-$475 1/3sell-2/3-Use, 2.0kW-$536 1/2-sell-1/2Use, 3.0kW-$659 2/3Sell-1/3 Use, 4.0kW-860 2/3Sell 1/3Use, 5.0kW-$1,100 2/3Sell 1/3Use


 There are x2 Residential Repayment Tables below 

 Pease confirm from table heading you are viewing the correct table 

 Quick View Table: 1

  Standard Residential Solar Loan Repayment GuideFinance table 6_17.png


  • 1 There are no fees ever to repay the loan early!!
  • 2 All repayments quoted include the $795 setup costs that are added to loan amount
  • 3 Available to PAYG wage earners or self-employed persons or self-funded retirees
  • 4 Subject to approval, payments are a guide only, fees & charges, terms & conditions apply
  • 5 Loans over $15k require supplier tax invoice plus serial numbers prior to settlement and the supplier will be paid the funds directly
  • 6 Centrelink applicants and/or Non-homeowners please use our Non-Standard Solar Loan
  • 7 Apply Online and the repayment calculator are available on our website

Non-Standard Residential Solar Loan (Centrelink recipients, non-homeowners & wage earners accepted) Loan repayment guide March 2017


Finance tbl non std.pngIMPORTANT NOTES: 

1 Centrelink benefits accepted include Carers Payment, Disability Allowance, Aged Pension, Veterans Affairs (Newstart Allowance and Sole Parent Payment not accepted)

  • 2 Property owners and non-property owners considered
  • 3 No deposit – 100% finance available
  • 4 Monthly repayments quoted include the $700 setup costs that are added to the base loan e.g. $9,000 system + $700 fees = loan of $9,700 is $203 month including fees
  • 5 Subject to approval, all figures are intended as a guide only, fees and charges, terms & conditions apply
  • 6 Unsecured rates range from 12% - 17% subject to individual credit assessment
  • 7 Minimum base loan is $5,000 plus fees 8 Loan terms available from 2 – 7 years


 Fronius Symo Hybrid Inverter Video- How it Works  

 General System size daily output 

  Avg daily production.png