High Power Charging

Fast charging just got faster. High power for Next Gen EVs.

Several EV models with larger batteries and longer ranges are coming. Infrastructure needs are growing. More fast charging points with higher power demands will be needed. ABB has solutions today that will enable this future.

Main benefits:

  • Capacity to charge both 400 V and 800 V cars at full power.
  • Unique Dynamic DC power sharing technology ensures the most efficient way of charging multiple high-power EVs while optimizing the available grid connection’
  • With 375 A output, a single power cabinet can charge a 400 V car at full 150 kW continuously.

Main features:

  • Supports CCS (500 A liquid-cooled cables), CHAdeMO (200 A) and GB (500 A) charging standard’
  • Suited for current and next generation EVs’
  • Modular system: 175 – 500 kW.