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Our Solar business has grown through our strong presence in delivering small scale residential/large scale commercial Air-conditioning systems and electrical contracting services.

We have over 25 years experience in installation of Gas Ducted Heating, Ducted Reverse Cycle Air-conditioning, Split Systems, Ceiling Cassettes & Evap Cooling

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Sit Back n Relax watching the FOOTY this winter in the ultimate comfort knowing damn well your solar system is out in the cold working hard to pay for your AC's Heating Cost :)

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Average Costs for 10kW Fujitsu Ducted to 8 outlets with four zones

Fully Installed $9500.00 inc GST

Finance Weekly Repayment Table here


 Fuji main logo.pngWall Mounted Split Systems

  Lifestyle Range

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 ASTG 09-24KMCA Indoor unit

  • A stylish, standardized design across the range, so all of your air conditioners can have a consistent look and feel throughout your home.
  • The Lifestyle Range is the most energy efficient air conditioners Fujitsu have designed. Some models up to a 5-star energy rating.
  • Lifestyle Range models feature a human sensor control, which delivers optimum efficiency and temperature control

Improvements in energy efficiency, when compared to our previous models, are due to a newly designed heat exchanger and the use of R32 Refrigerant.

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GL Solar Fujitsu installations. These are just a few options for outdoor unit installation, 

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 Models AvailableLifestyle Range
  New Enviro Friendly R32 Gas

  ASTG09KMCA - 2.5kW(C)/3.2kW(H) 
 5 Star Cool - 5*Heat

  ASTG12KMCA - 3.5kW(C)/3.7kW(H)  3.5*C -4.5*H 

  ASTG18KMCA - 5.0kW(C)/6.0kW(H) 3.5*C - 3.5*H 
  ASTG22KMCA - 6.0kW(C)/7.2kW(H) 3*C - 3.5*H 

  ASTG24KMCA - 7.1kW(C)/8.0kW(H) 2.5*C - 3*H

  ASTG30KMTA - 8.0kW(C)/9.0kW(H) 2*C - 3*H

  ASTG34KMTA - 9.4kW(C)/10.3kW(H) 2*C - 2.5*H
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 Standard ground mount back to back installation pictured above

Installation Cost Back to Back: Up to 3m pipe run & wired of local circuit to <3.5kW
$570.00 inc GST

Installation Cost Back to Back: Up to 3m pipe run 3.5kW> <9.4kW-C New Circuit back to board <25m
$695.00 inc GST

7 Year Installation warranty
Even if we don't service the unit yearly
We will show you how to clean the filters yourself + what to look out for to maintain an efficient system

Standard installation: On Poly Slab with raised rubber feet or Wall bracket your choice, Pipe Cover in Plastic or Colorbond your choice.

FREE CALL: 1800 255 283

We also sell: Mitsubishi Electric & Heavy, Daikin, Hitachi, Samsung & Panasonic

We provide Installation only service for any make or model pre-purchased @ another outlet
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Cassette Models

Inverter - Compact Cassette  AUTG18LVLA - 5.2kW(C)/6.0kW(H)  AUTG24LVLC - 7.1kW(C)/8.0kW(H)

Inverter Cassette  AUTA30LBLU - 8.5kW(C)/10.0kW(H) AUTA36LCLU - 10.0kW(C)/11.2kW(H)  AUTA45LCLU - 12.5kW(C)/14.0kW(H)
Inverter Cassette - Three Phase  AUTG54LRLA - 14.0kW(C)/16.0kW(H)

FREE On-Site Assessment

We will come out to you and take a detailed look at your Home, Farm or Business and suggest what would suit you best after you have explained to us what your expectations are.


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