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Our Solar business has grown through our strong presence in delivering small scale residential/large scale commercial Air-conditioning systems and electrical contracting services.

We have over 25 years experience in installation of Gas Ducted Heating, Ducted Reverse Cycle Air-conditioning, Split Systems, Ceiling Cassettes & Evap Cooling

It's On NOW! - Fujitsu

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 Fujitsu's Free Money promotion is back, bigger and better than ever.

From 1st March to 31st July 2017, customers who purchase a Fujitsu Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning System will get a Pre-paid Visa card or Digital Reward worth up to $400. 

Claim amounts:
* $150 Pre-paid Visa card or Digital Reward with every Fujitsu Reverse Cycle Inverter Split System with a rated cooling capacity of 3.5kW or below
* $200 Pre-paid Visa card or Digital Reward with every Fujitsu Reverse Cycle Inverter Split System with a rated cooling capacity above 3.5kW 
* $400 Pre-paid Visa card or Digital Reward with every Fujitsu Reverse Cycle Multi Split System or Ducted System 

If you purchased an eligible product during the promotional period (01/03/2017 - 31/07/2017) follow the instructions below on how to claim.

How to Claim

1. Purchase an eligible product between 01/03/2017 and 31/07/2017
2. Click the claim button below to complete your claim form online by 30/08/2017
3. You will need your indoor and outdoor model numbers and outdoor serial number to complete your claim.
3. Attach a scanned copy of your proof of purchase online (a valid tax invoice and transaction receipt) and submit your claim.

You will be asked to choose your reward when lodging your claim. If you select to receive a physical Pre-paid Visa card, it will be sent to you within 8 weeks from your claim approval notification email. If you select to receive a Digital Reward, you will receive your redemption code via email within 5 business days from your claim approval notification. You can check the status of your claim at any time by simply clicking on the claim button below.

For a full list of eligible products and value of Pre-paid Visa card or Digital Reward, please click here. This promotion excludes all cool only systems.

 *Conditions apply. Please ensure you are familiar with the full terms and conditions which can be downloaded by clicking here

Claims close 11:59 pm AEST 30/08/2017. Retain original proof of purchase documents for verification.



Fuji Main Logo.jpg                  AUSTRALIA'S FAVOURITE AIR   

Sit Back n Relax watching the FOOTY this winter in the ultimate comfort knowing damn well your solar system is out in the cold working hard to pay for your AC's Heating Cost :)

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Average Costs for 10kW Fujitsu Ducted to 8 outlets with four zones

Fully Installed $9500.00 inc GST

Finance Weekly Repayment Table here


 Fuji main logo.pngWall Mounted Split Systems

  Lifestyle Range

Fujitsu KMCA Indoor Pic.png

 ASTG 09-24KMCA Indoor unit

  • A stylish, standardized design across the range, so all of your air conditioners can have a consistent look and feel throughout your home.
  • The Lifestyle Range is the most energy efficient air conditioners Fujitsu have designed. Some models up to a 5-star energy rating.
  • Lifestyle Range models feature a human sensor control, which delivers optimum efficiency and temperature control

Improvements in energy efficiency, when compared to our previous models, are due to a newly designed heat exchanger and the use of R32 Refrigerant.

Fuji on pitch roof pic.jpg--------------FUJI ON BRACKET .png

GL Solar Fujitsu installations. These are just a few options for outdoor unit installation, 

Fuji on slab PIC.jpg
 Models AvailableLifestyle Range
  New Enviro Friendly R32 Gas

  ASTG09KMCA - 2.5kW(C)/3.2kW(H) 
 5 Star Cool - 5*Heat

  ASTG12KMCA - 3.5kW(C)/3.7kW(H)  3.5*C -4.5*H 

  ASTG18KMCA - 5.0kW(C)/6.0kW(H) 3.5*C - 3.5*H 
  ASTG22KMCA - 6.0kW(C)/7.2kW(H) 3*C - 3.5*H 

  ASTG24KMCA - 7.1kW(C)/8.0kW(H) 2.5*C - 3*H

  ASTG30KMTA - 8.0kW(C)/9.0kW(H) 2*C - 3*H

  ASTG34KMTA - 9.4kW(C)/10.3kW(H) 2*C - 2.5*H
----------------------Fujin Remote.png


 Standard ground mount back to back installation pictured above

Installation Cost Back to Back: Up to 3m pipe run & wired of local circuit to <3.5kW
$570.00 inc GST

Installation Cost Back to Back: Up to 3m pipe run 3.5kW> <9.4kW-C New Circuit back to board <25m
$695.00 inc GST

7 Year Installation warranty
Even if we don't service the unit yearly
We will show you how to clean the filters yourself + what to look out for to maintain an efficient system

Standard installation: On Poly Slab with raised rubber feet or Wall bracket your choice, Pipe Cover in Plastic or Colorbond your choice.

FREE CALL: 1800 255 283

We also sell: Mitsubishi Electric & Heavy, Daikin, Hitachi, Samsung & Panasonic

We provide Installation only service for any make or model pre-purchased @ another outlet
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Fuji multi info.pngFuji outdoor sml.jpgFuji out large.jpgFuji main logo.png
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Cassette Models

Inverter - Compact Cassette  AUTG18LVLA - 5.2kW(C)/6.0kW(H)  AUTG24LVLC - 7.1kW(C)/8.0kW(H)

Inverter Cassette  AUTA30LBLU - 8.5kW(C)/10.0kW(H) AUTA36LCLU - 10.0kW(C)/11.2kW(H)  AUTA45LCLU - 12.5kW(C)/14.0kW(H)
Inverter Cassette - Three Phase  AUTG54LRLA - 14.0kW(C)/16.0kW(H)

FREE On-Site Assessment

We will come out to you and take a detailed look at your Home, Farm or Business and suggest what would suit you best after you have explained to us what your expectations are.


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