As the digital environment evolves, vast amount of data are inevitably created. That is why today is called the age of big data. Big data refers to large-scale data including numerical values, texts, and images generated in a digital environment. Big data analysis can create new values and opportunities, and companies are also highly interested in the big data analysis.

Big data is created by collecting and accumulating a large amount of data and is often produced by organizations called data centers. A data center is a facility that has thousands of servers that store various kinds of information. If a blackout occurs even for a short duration, not only do all its functions become paralyzed, but also a lot of data stored in the data center may be lost. So, in case of a power failure, we install an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that can supply emergency power to the facilities to prevent power outage.

UPS is a type of Energy Storage System (ESS) that stores the electric energy by using a battery when the power is available and supplies electricity continuously for certain duration in an emergency to prevent power failure. Because of these functions, a UPS is used in areas where power should not be cut off even for a moment, like communication facilities, financial systems, and advanced production facilities. A UPS using a lithium-ion battery has advantages such as high power, compact size, and long life.

Battery & Portable Solutions

Power Your Business – With your own asset
We have a range of off the shelf solutions to power your Business, School, Office or Workshop through any grid outage. Single Phase through to 3Phase system options are available now, with maintenance free battery storage and couple that with generator back up for 100% security.

Need power for a show or a remote location?

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No need for poles and wires. Own a portable power station today! Our systems are Australian made and designed for reliability and performance. Talk to us today to find out how we can assist you!

Transportable power Off the Grid

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Panels on top or on walls of a container, Battery inverters, Batteries & Genset  stored securely inside.