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GL Solar is a leading integrator of renewable energy solutions and power rectification equipment with over 10 years industry experience.

The company has an experienced team with a strong track record of delivering commercial, residential, and community energy solutions, in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Electrical energy efficiency is of prime importance to industrial and commercial companies operating in today’s competitive markets. Optimum use of plant and equipment is one of the main concerns that industry tries to balance with energy efficiency, for both economic and environmental reasons. As society becomes increasingly conscious of its impact on the environment, reduced energy consumption becomes more desirable, which, is an achievable goal for everyone. Through the use of measures such as power factor correction, electricity consumption is optimised, which ultimately leads to reduced energy consumption and reduced CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.

The major application of power factor correction is in reducing the maximum demand of apparent power (kVA) consumed by the customer as measured by the supply authority.

In reducing the maximum demand the customer is able to markedly reduce their electricity bill as a result of the way energy retailers charge their customers. There is also an environmental benefit as a result of more efficient electricity use. Larger customers are billed according to not only the real power they consume but also the level of apparent power the network needs to provide to them. This structure apart from normal kWh metering also includes a maximum demand charge, which is based on kVA demand metered on a half hourly basis, which reflects the customers’ power factor. The customer is charged for the kilowatt-hours used but a surcharge is then applied according to the maximum kVA drawn at any one point during the billing period. As such, cost savings may be realized by reducing the maximum kVA drawn through the installation of power factor correction

Power Factor Correction Benefits

Where to Install PFC There are several different ways in which PFC equipment can be installed. PFC can be applied to separate pieces of equipment that is switched in and out as the pieces of equipment are switched on and off. The alternative to this is to bulk correct an installation by attaching the equipment to the main switchboard. Solutions: Commercial – Industrial – Education

Is your Electrical Plant Costing you More than it should? Power Factor Correction (PFC) Learn how well implemented “Power Factor Correction” strategies can reduce your companies power consumption and have your plant running Clean and Efficiently reducing energy costs and expensive equipment break downs which can lead to costly production

Typical Efficiencies of Electric Motors in the Building Industry

In Australia, more than 1.7 million three-phase electric motors run in industrial and commercial facilities, accounting for around 28 percent of the country’s electricity use. Or about 60% of electricity supplied to industry. Practically every organisation runs at least one motor—if not hundreds or thousands—to drive pumps, fans, air compressors, conveyors, refrigeration equipment and other processes requiring motive force. The energy consumed costs Australian industry close to $3 billion a year and produces 37 million tonnes of carbon dioxide through burning fossil fuels.

Significant cost savings can be realised by utilising higher efficiency motors, especially since running costs can be up to 100 times the purchase price of a motor over its service life. 13 Motors running continuously at high loads for long periods such as exhaust fans will tend to yield the greatest savings.

How we can assist you

We have the expertise and equipment to monitor your energy consumption and plant successfully. Our service will evaluate captured data and produce a report which will outline your current position and include a strategy to implement efficient energy reduction mechanisms. Our report will also outline the financial benefits that will directly improve your bottom line.

No Fees for this service if you decide to implement recommended improvements detailed within our report.

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