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Maybe you love living in a Leafy suburb and have been wondering how well a solar system will work for you. Do you have a neighbouring building or other objects obstructing the suns path over your roof? With advances in modern solar technology, we now have a great range of solar products which will dramatically help improve daily energy yields on partially shaded roofs.

Panels with built-in optimisers are the most recent addition to solar systems arsenal in combating shade, where each panel works independently from any other panel its connected to in the same string.  Some of these systems also offer panel level monitoring so you can see what any panel in a string is producing at any particular time during the day.

Pictured: Sun rising in the morning with the neighbouring building obstructing the suns rays reaching a roof, first affected are the panels that are installed closest to obstruction while panels furthermost away may have the sun for up to 1 hour prior. A standard solar array installed in this situation will be dramatically affected as one shaded panel will affect the performance of each panel connected in the same string.

Shade Tolerant Products

We have Introduced 3 different solutions for shade affected Solar systems, in order of lowest t0 highest cost. All systems use panel level DC Optimisers, either embedded in the solar panel in place of the standard junction box or as an add-on feature.

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Jinko Solar – Building Your Trust In Solar

Jinko Maxim 2

Built-in Panel Level MPPT Optimisation

High Volume Residential Jinko Maximized modules can produce the most energy possible, regardless of home orientation or shading issues, without the complexity of DC Optimizers or added expense of Micro-inverters. Because MPPT for each cell string is embedded into the fabric of these modules, system design can be simplified while still utilising the industry’s most trusted brands of string inverters. Installation is identical to that of standard modules. Jinko Maximized is the perfect solution for today’s high-volume residential installations.

All Panels connected in series string must be Maxim Panels but as most inverters have x2 independent inputs it is possible to only install Maxim on 1/2 of the Solar Array connected to 1 input then install any standard panel array on the 2nd inverter input, reducing cost again. Comes in 260-270Watt power class

Jinko Maxim Gen 1 is currently out of stock, Maxim Gen 2 expected 1st quarter first next year, we look forward to its return in 2018!

This is the most cost-effective solution for roofs in shaded areas, offering outstanding value for money

As a rule of thumb, cost is an additional 10% on standard array sizes IE 5kW system with Jinko Maxim is an additional $5oo over our standard residential systems

Trina Solar

Trina Smart Module with Built-in optimiser

  • The most versatile Optimiser solution
  • Trina Smarts in 265- 300Watt Class SMART 60 cell PERC mono black frame
  • Selective deployment Install smart modules only where they are needed
  • Works with any standard string Inverter
  • Full panel level monitoring solution
  • Emergency DC shutdown, Stops flow of DC current from panels to Inverter

Option 1
Allows Selective deployment, only use built-in Optimised panels where required and install standard Trina modules elsewhere

Option 2
Purchase a Tigo optimiser as an additional part and plug it into any panel that is affected by shade

Enhanced safety

Trinasmart offers module level rapid shutdown, automatically shutting down your PV System when AC power is disconnected. Trinasmart also automatically shuts down modules in the case of overheating or overvoltage.

The optimized solution

Shading, soiling and different degradation rates cause mismatch between energy output from different modules in a PV system. See how Trinasmart can maximize your energy harvest and improve safety with power electronics

Cost avg above a standard 1kW of solar array = $190/kW or $1,235 for 6.5kW Array, to use embedded Tigo optimisers which makes the Trina a Smart module.

OPTION: Trina Smart Monitoring with Emergency shut down. Extra $600 On the plus side with the selective deployment option, you may only need to install a few smart modules where shade exists.

Solar Edge – Architects of Energy

Solar Edge is a complete optimisation solution.

Where previously displayed solutions are primarily panel-based optimiser solutions which work with any standard string inverter, Solar Edge manufactures a complete solution where Solar Edge Optimisers only work inconjunction with solar edge Inverters.

The Solar Edge optimiser works at the panel level, where each panel connected in a series effectively has its own MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), which is normally managed by a String Inverter in a standard solar system. The Panel optimiser delivers the highest level of optimised energy from each individual panel directly to the solar Edge Inverter, then the Solar Edge Inverter only has to transform pre-optimised DC Energy harvested from the array, transforming DC to AC Current where the AC energy directly supplies household loads via the MSB (Master Switch Board) which makes Green Energy ready for use within the home or business.

Solar Edge Features

  • Per-module Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Superior efficiency (99.5% peak efficiency, 98.8% weighted efficiency)
  • Mitigates all  types of modules mismatch-loss, from manufacturing tolerance to partial shading
  • Designed for extreme environmental conditions
  • 25 year reliability and warranty
  • Advanced, real-time performance measurement
  • Automatic module DC voltage shut-down for installer and firefighter safety
  • Independent optimization technology (IndOP™) – allows operation with any inverter and requires no additional interface hardware
  • Embedded by module manufacturers, or connected by installers to c-Si and thin-film modules
  • Available with frames mounted in advance for quicker installation

HD-Wave – A New Era for PV Inverters: ≤6kW, ≤10kg, 99% Efficiency

SolarEdge’s HD-Wave technology inverter, winner of the prestigious 2016 Intersolar award, breaks the mold of traditional inverters. Using a novel power conversion technology that is based on a distributed switching and powerful DSP processing, the HD-Wave technology inverter is able to synthesize a clean sine wave that leads to a dramatic reduction in the magnetics and heavy cooling elements. This small and lightweight inverter enables simplified shipping and storing and one-person installation. The record-breaking efficiency allows more energy production for an improved ROI.

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