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 Power Bills Increased by 20% June 2017 

 AGL: New Solar Feed-in Tariffs 

StateOld rate (c/kWh)New rate (c/kWh)Percentage increase
NSW 6.1 11.1 82
Queensland 6.0 10.6 77
South Australia 6.8 16.3 140
Victoria 5.0 11.3 126

Grid Solar Specials: On NOW!


6,555 Watts

Twenty Three 285Watt panels

New 120 Split Cell Technology 

Canadian Logo.pngCanadian KuPower.png

Canadian's NEW KuPower Module

The KuPower 285Watt Poly Modules in a small frame 1675 x 992 mm

More power per m2 = Larger Systems with Minimal Roof Space 

Data Sheet pdf here

Fronius Primo 5kW Inverter

Fronius Primo.jpg

10 Year Warranty

Manufactured in Austria

Package Installed Cost $6,978

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Up Front 117 STCs Rebate $4,218

Finance Weekly Repayment Table here




What to do with Excess Produced Energy?

The above 6.555kW Solar System will generate up to

40kWh/Day on perfect days & Avg 27kWh/Day 365


Should you sell your excess produced Solar to the Grid for

11c/kWh & offset night time consumption charged

@ 28c/kWh?


Store Excess Solar Energy directly into a battery bank


Hot Water System saving you @ 17c/kWh





6kW Solar Package +

Delta E5 All in 1 Hybrid Inverter +

4.8kWh Lithium Battery 10 year warranty

Standard Installation from $15,496

Jinko logo1.gifJinko Egl pic main.png

Delta Hybrid Brochure

Delta Energy Store.pngDelta is the Worlds largest Power Electronics Company take a look -----

Replace an existing Grid Inverter with Delta E5 Hybrid

Delta 4.8Wh Usable Battery- 10-year warranty

from $7,691  

11.96kW Hybrid Solar package


2.5-80kWh Expandable Battery

ZA logo Green with clear background copy.jpgKratos 2.5.jpg


  Product pdf here Z21 Hybrid

x46 Zeus Apollo 260W panels

5kW /20amp Z21 Hybrid Inverter + 5kW ZA Grid Inverter

5kW Kratos LifePo4 Battery

$17,856 Installed Tin Roof

231 STCs @ $26= $6006 up front discount

Contact us here 

Kratos Battery 10 year warranty



LG Chem logo blk.png  

Don't you think It's time you made the Switch?Coal Train end of Era.png

LG_Chem_RESU1 pic.png

Lithium Battery LG Chem logo blk.png

10 Year Warranty

Fronius Hybrid pic.png 

Fronius Symo Hybrid

5kW Inverter / Charger

3-phase Homes only

 All In 1 Hybrid Replaces your existing Inverter with up to 7kW of solar array plugging directly in.

Fronius connects directly to LG Battery supplying power to your home day & night

Finance Weekly Repayment Table

Avg Installed Cost $13,594

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Store Excess Solar Energy into Hot Water

Saving you purchasing power from the Grid


(A) Set your Hot water unit to run on a timer during daylight hours when your solar system is producing excess energy for FREE!

(B) Getting Close to replacing your existing hot water unit

In combination with a Solar Power System, a Heat Pump Hot Water System may be your best option only drawing 700/W of power Max. This leaves plenty of solar production for other larger loads like clothes dryers & battery storage. Old style electric hot water units can use up to a 3600watt heating element.

In addition, Operating the Heat Pump on a timer during the day with warmer ambient air temperature will make the heat pump more efficient to run.

It's a Win-Win!


Th 5 _ 2.pngHWS Thermann HP2.png

Thermann Logo.png

Heat Pump Hot Water 


Made in Germany, the Thermann Heat Pump hot water system extracts heat from ambient air and quietly transfers it to heat water. It comes with a removable intake grill for easy cleaning and servicing where access is limited.

  • Active defrost function - for colder climates
  • Manufactured in Germany and specifically designed for Australian conditions
  • Uses less energy compared to traditional electric storage tanks

Download Brochure

Contact Form to arrange a free quote Hot Water Page HERE

Up Front STC Rebate $1064


Max Power Draw is only 700 Watts

System Installed cost $2848 inc rebate

Finance Weekly Repayment Table 

More hot water options click here


Advertised Web Pricing Detail

Honesty and Integrity are what you get.

Our Electrical Company is over 10 Years old.

Rest assured with a top quality installation

from the people who own and run the business!

iStock_cartoon panels on roof.jpg

The not so fine print

  • Price is out of pocket expense to the customer also Includes GST. 
  • Price does not include network charges to connect to the grid if your supply authority are charging OR decide to charge for this service in the future. 
  • Travel to 80km included in the cost. Charges above $1.50/km
  • Extras are Tile roof $150 per 12 panels, Double Storey$150, Tilt frame $35 per panel.
  • Price does not include meter box or Circuit board upgrades they must be up to current standard 
  • Pricing does not include building structural changes to accommodate the system.
  • Payment: 10% Deposit via Direct Deposit and Balance is due on the day of completion of systems installation 
  • All Plant for installation is to be installed on the same building and no trenching would be required.
  • You must be eligible to receive the STC rebate STC Rebate Explained  Rebates based on $37Aud per STC, however, STC price can fluctuate as will the AUD adjusting cost of importing panels
  • *Finance is provided through a third party, Company is- "Finance My Solar". Weekly repayment finance estimates for approved customers intended as a guide only, all terms over 60 Months up to <$15,000 & 84 Months >$15,000, min amount to be financed is $3,000AUD & bank + establishment fees apply. Price shown does not include financed total out of pocket expense to the purchaser. Price shown is total out of pocket expense for purchase paying by cash. We will arrange Finance My Solar to contact customer independently if customer verbally agrees to GL Solar passing on their details to Finance My Solar. GL Solar has no bearing on any finance details what so ever. GL Solar is not licensed to give financial advice. It is up to the purchaser to carry out their own independent finance research to find a method of finance that best suits their needs.


Systems above 3kW ROI is based on consuming 1/3% of the energy that a solar system will produce @ 25 cents/kWh-(Avg Qld buy in rate) & selling 2/3 back to the grid @ 8 cents/kWh (offered by some Qld power retailers) For North facing roofs East & West production can be down 10% some months of the year depending on steepness of roof pitch. For smaller systems 1.5kW is based on 2/3 consumption & 1/3 sell back, 2.0kW is based on 50/50% consumption/sell back. See detailed package descriptions from links in Residential Packages Tab

Air Conditioning


It's On NOW! - Fujitsu

Fuji Wifi pic.png


The new Fujitsu General Lifestyle wall mounted air conditioning units have a built-in wireless LAN interface allowing users to remotely control the indoor comfort of their home or office through the free, easy-to-use FGLair app. Customising individual room temperatures, turning units on or off and setting up timers can be done anytime, anywhere. Users can easily identify which unit they are controlling by setting up a customised name for each room in the app.

Get total control of your home comfort with Fujitsu's new anywAiR technology.


   Get in Early Bird Style, Beat the Summer Rush and SAVE $$$ 


Lounge Room Size 7.1kW Fujitsu SplitFujitsu KMCA Indoor Pic.png

Installed Cost $2,453   

Bedroom Room Size 2.5kW Fujitsu SplitFujitsu KMCA Indoor Pic.png

Installed Cost $1,496 

Finance Weekly Repayment Table ----------CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE  here


Fuji Main Logo.jpg-------------------------------AUSTRALIA'S FAVOURITE AIR 

Fuji Ducted ultimate banner.jpgFuji duct layout.png

Fuji Duct ART45 125-14.png
Average Costs for 10kW Fujitsu Ducted to 8 outlets with four zones

Fully Installed $9,500.00

Finance Weekly Repayment Table 


Wall Mounted Split Systems 

Fuji main logo.png

Lifestyle RangeFujitsu KMCA Indoor Pic.png

 ASTG 09-24KMCA Indoor unit

  • A stylish, standardised design across the range, so all of your air conditioners can have a consistent look and feel throughout your home.
  • The Lifestyle Range is the most energy efficient air conditioners Fujitsu have designed. Some models up to a 5-star energy rating.
  • Lifestyle Range models feature a human sensor control, which delivers optimum efficiency and temperature control

Improvements in energy efficiency, when compared to our previous models, are due to a newly designed heat exchanger and the use of R32 Refrigerant

Fuji on pitch roof pic.jpgFUJI ON BRACKET .png

GL Solar Fujitsu installations. These are just a few options for outdoor unit installation, 

Fuji on slab PIC.jpg
Models Available - Lifestyle Range
New Enviro Friendly R32 Gas

ASTG09KMCA - 2.5kW(C)/3.2kW(H) 5 Star Cool - 5*Heat

ASTG12KMCA - 3.5kW(C)/3.7kW(H)  3.5*C - 4.5*H 

ASTG18KMCA - 5.0kW(C)/6.0kW(H) 3.5*C - 3.5*H 
ASTG22KMCA - 6.0kW(C)/7.2kW(H) 3*C - 3.5*H 

ASTG24KMCA - 7.1kW(C)/8.0kW(H) 2.5*C - 3*H

ASTG30KMTA - 8.0kW(C)/9.0kW(H) 2*C - 3*H

ASTG34KMTA - 9.4kW(C)/10.3kW(H) 2*C - 2.5*H

 Standard ground mount back to back installation pictured above

Installation Cost Back to Back: Up to 3m pipe run & wired of local circuit to <3.5kW-C
$550.00 inc GST

Installation Cost Back to Back: Up to 3m pipe run 3.5kW> <9.4kW-C New Circuit back to board <25m
$680.00 inc GST

7 Year Installation warranty
Even if we don't service the unit yearly
We will show you how to clean the filters yourself + what to look out for to maintain an efficient system

Standard installation: On Poly Slab with raised rubber feet or Wall bracket your choice, Pipe Covering: Plastic or Colorbond your choice.

FREE CALL: 1800 255 283

We also sell: Mitsubishi Electric & Heavy, Daikin, Hitachi, Samsung & Panasonic

We provide Installation only service for any make or model pre-purchased @ another outlet 


GL Solar - Driving forward - A Renewable Generation

Van pic.png



All prices include GST